Wonky Shed is here to offer you a wide range of gardening and growing tips, tricks, reviews and more. Led mostly by Ben who spends most of his time trying to train a vegetable and cottage garden, while also working where he planted all of those bulbs and enjoying a good drink after a hard day in the garden.

We try to write about things without the need for perfection, knowing that things can be wonky in the garden and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Who’s Who?

Founder – Ben Meakin

Ben has been passionate about all things gardening and growing since a youngster, with a family who always ended up with propagators in the windows and mud on wellies.

Often found tending to a variety of raised beds in his cottage garden or plotting the best way to develop his borders, the passion has stemmed into a desire to share with others. Whether it’s starting your journey or you’re a seasoned grower looking for a specific tip, he hopes to provide answers to those who need them.

Here he is with a whopping big courgette…

Ben Meakin – WonkyShed Founder