Best Winter Lawn Feed

A perfect green lawn

As Winter approaches, you might have already done your last mow of the lawn, but what else can you do to keep the grass healthy? One of the key tasks that is often overlooked is a good feed and in this article, we’re going to take a look at the best winter lawn feeds available.

The importance of a good feed can’t be overlooked, without the correct nutrients, your lawn will start to struggle. What’s more, a lack of nutrients can lead to an increase in weeds and moss that often thrive in lower nutrient soils.

The key differences are the levels of nutrients and whether the feed comes in liquid or small pellets. The latter is often better as it releases over time rather than in one hit – but we’ll cover a few options today.

Aftercut All In One Autumn Lawn Care

Aftercut All In One Winter Lawn Feed


  • Includes weedkiller for moss if you’ve already had an issue with moss growth.
  • Applies the correct level of Nitrogen to avoid Winter overgrowth.


  • Best used with a spreader as the box alone doesn’t create even coverage.

We’ve started with one of the leading brands in lawn care. If you’re looking for the best winter lawn feed then you can definitely do worse than this from Westland. As an all-in-one solution, the product also comes with Iron to minimise and remove unwanted moss.

If you don’t already own a seed or feed spreader then we would highly recommend buying one for application. Westland produce a sturdy one themselves that is a worthwhile investment as it doubles as a seed spreader.

All in all, if you’re looking a trusted and well-known brand of winter lawn feed, then we’d highly recommend Westland all year round as well as autumn and winter.

Price: £19.99 (14 kg variety)

Substral Autumn Lawn Feed

Substral Autumn Lawn Feed


  • Creates lush thick grass
  • High in all iron resulting in a very green colour
  • Fast-acting


  • Quite expensive, but covers a large area
  • Need a spreader for effective use

Although this post is titled Winter Lawn Feed, what we’re actually talking about is preparing your lawn for Winter. Much of that work takes place in Autumn, so it’s no surprise to see an Autumn Lawn Feed in this list.

Don’t be put off by the need to use Google Translate to understand this brand, they’re extremely well-rated in Germany and Substral is some of the best winter lawn feed we’ve come across.

One of the key benefits of this feed is its high Iron content of at least 6%. What this gives you is a rich green colour in your lawn after just a week or so (rain permitting). From Autumn and well in to Spring, this feed will make your lawn the envy of neighbours with how rich it looks.

Price: £47.41 (+ £2.99 postage)



  • Fantastic at killing moss
  • High iron content leads to rich green grass
  • Great storage bucket


  • Not great instructions
  • Can sometimes be delivered in a bag

With a name like that, it’s hard to ignore Guard-en-Force. The feed is perfect for year-round use, but as a winter lawn feed it’s a great investment. It’s primarily Iron Sulphate and therefore is extremely potent at killing moss, so much so that it’s advised to dissolve.

It’s also worth noting that if your lawn is thick with moss, then you need to be prepared that this feed will leave you with black dead moss patches across your lawn and therefore you will need to rake them up.

We’ve heard from some that the feed has come in a bag rather than a bucket as displayed and it’s worth noting that might happen if you order it. Iron Phosphate can stain so if it does come in a bag, be careful and try to get it in a tub fast.

Needless to say, this is one bucket of powerful stuff and will leave you with a moss-free, rich dark green lawn – at less than £2 a kilogram, it’s not too expensive either.

Price: £41.95

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care


  • Trusted brand
  • Combined lawn feed and moss killer
  • Fast results


  • Bag can arrive damaged
  • Lower N-P-K content than other brands

If you’re one to stick to trusted brands, then why not get your winter lawn feed from one of the most trusted? This product from Miracle-Gro is an all round great supplement for your lawn, with feed and fertiliser it will kill off moss and create lush grass.

As with the others, it’s worth investing in a spreader to give even coverage and you will end up with dead patches of moss if you have a moss problem in your lawn.

Despite being a trusted brand, it’s worth noting that with an N-P-K content of just 6-5-10, you might end up having to spread a bit more than the stronger brands in this list. If you’re looking for something that will give you a rich dark green lawn, then maybe go with one of the above products.

At the price, if you’re looking for an average quick feed then this is definitely worth the lower cost.

Price: £24.60

So there you go, that’s our top selection of winter lawn feeds available. With all of these, it’s worth ensuring that you rake up any moss as quick as possible. It’s also best to distribute with a spreader otherwise you might end up with a patchy lawn!